Do you have what it takes?

•April 21, 2009 • Leave a Comment

We are currently looking for a person with experience within the field of marketing/ promotion/ booking. If you believe you have what it takes please visit the H&N Headquarters to pick up an application or look in the sidebar under ‘pages’ to read through it.

Please remember to send the application to either Nevaeh Huntress or Helena Ragu.


Information and introductions

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H&N Management and Photography is Second Life’s newest photo studio and is owned by Nevaeh Huntress and Helena Ragu. Both have experience from real life photography as well as a year’s experience in Second Life. It may have started as simple snapshots in world, but it soon escalated into something more. Both take photography seriously and spend hours retouching and working on each photo taken in Adobe Photoshop.

The prices at H&N are reasonable and some of the lowest out there. You get good quality photographs that are all edited in Adobe Photoshop then put into a practical flip book (comes in a HUD so you can easily flip through your photographs on the screen).

At H&N Management and Photography we value good customer service and we believe making the customer happy is the most important thing. Stop by for a chat or look through the pricing lists.

All information can also be found in world and if you have questions feel free to contact Nevaeh Huntress and/or Helena Ragu.

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